Today the news came out that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are no longer permitted to celebrate the liturgy according to the Extraordinary form as of August 12th. The superior and founder of the order (who was a spiritual son of St. Pio and whose parents are both ‘servants of God’) has also been essentially replaced with a standard issue Capuchin Franciscan. The Friars can use the Traditional form if they get special permission.   


This feels rather personal to me and I’m fairly upset, my local parish has had 5 Extraordinary form Masses in the last 2 years, all celebrated by an FFI priest. I know a few members of this order. I am quite certain the Friars will all comply with the request. This change will hurt them. They are young and rapidly growing, being traditional and authentic. The Friars after Summorum Pontificum began celebrating both forms and made the decision a couple of years back that the EF would be the preferred liturgy for them.


I have the feeling that after August 12th there will be a lot more Novus Ordo Masses celebrated in the Latin language and facing liturgical east.Imagefr

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