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This Lent Don’t Be A Wimp

Ash Wednesday is March 5th this year and fast approaching, so it is time, if you havn’t already,  to start thinking about and preparing for lent. In talking with others about what to do during Lent one often hears ‘I’m … Continue reading

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Stuff Kids Can Get Away With

At dinner with a Protestant guest, immediately after grace, my 5 year old son turns to them and says- “hey, say ‘Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’ like this (crosses himself)” The guest complies.

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Liturgy is for the converted- Part 3

So why is liturgy for the converted? Why can’t we modify the liturgy to reach people where they are? Why do these attempts always fail? The mega churches get warm bodies into the auditorium seats, why can’t we use their … Continue reading

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Liturgy is for the Converted part 2

The more traditional type of Christian communities tend to operate largely in a sort of inertia as membership goes. Historically, for the last few centuries in this country and Europe, most people were Christians of one sort or another and … Continue reading

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