Stuff Kids Can Get Away With

ImageAt dinner with a Protestant guest, immediately after grace, my 5 year old son turns to them and says- “hey, say ‘Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’ like this (crosses himself)”

The guest complies.

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4 Responses to Stuff Kids Can Get Away With

  1. cca13b says:

    hahaha that’s awesome!! I go to a majority-Protestant Bible study and always feel self-conscious when making the sign of the cross.

    • bgpery says:

      Between my son commanding someone (an adult at that) to make the sign of the cross and the startled reaction, a pause “uh..oh..un.., In the name…” I’m not sure how I didn’t burst out laughing except the whole thing was over before I could say anything.

      As far as being self-conscious, I know what you mean but I think we should be deliberate in those situations. The sign of the cross should be a public declaration of our faith and reasonable Protestants shouldn’t have a problem with it. I went through a period of time when I first started attending Mass (not yet technically a Catholic) where I felt self-conscious making it and genuflecting… even though everyone else was doing it, I think the awkward feeling is probably quite common, don’t let that stop you.

  2. Renée Lin says:

    The next time I am having Protestants over for dinner, may I borrow your son? 🙂

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