The Danger of Meditating on the Cross

You become aware of your burden.

This past Sunday we attended Mass at the local Monastery. My sons behaved great (last year the at that time almost 2 year old, tried to light his palm on fire in the votive candles). Fr. Prior gave 2 homilies one for the palm gospel and one later for the passion gospel. The second one has stuck with me and as we are about to liturgically enter the mystery of the cross I’ll relate the central point.

He preached about how (in war, diving on a grenade was an example he gave) sometimes a person will sacrifice themselves to save the lives of others, and how this affects the survivors. Those for whom someone dies to save their life are faced with a burden. They are haunted by it, and aware of a need to make the sacrifice worthwhile. No longer can they simply float through life at ease but are faced with an obligation to live well. It is as if the person continues to live through them, and they have a responsibility to that person.

We all have had someone die for us, are we making that sacrifice worthwhile.

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