Best Trinity Sunday Homily Ever

I just heard the best Trinity Sunday homely I have ever heard. Given by, Fr. Joseph Gabriel OSB. I think this is the first time I have related on this blog that I live as the crow flies 1 mile from a Benedictine monastery. ell thats where we went to Mass today. Fr. often preaches well.

At this mornings Mass the homely went as follows, though I will only be able to paraphrase and imperfectly. Much will probably get left out. Hear goes-

“ Today is known as a preachers nightmare. I really don’t think that’s necessary, considering every Sunday is in a sense a little Trinity Sunday.

Theologians have all sorts of technical terms: substance, essence, procession, ….etc. to attempt to clarify with greater precision what God is, and if you are inclined toward philosophy you may find it all very interesting.

St. John in his first epistle says ‘God is love’. If he had said ‘God has love’ we could simply leave it there. But he says ‘God is love’ so this makes it necessary that God possess within himself a relationship. God has movement or a dance of love as his being. God is not an absolute of individuality but an absolute with relationally, you might say God is a supreme family. The Father is loving and eternally begetting the Son the Holy Spirit proceeding as that love.

Now you may find this all very interesting.. or you may not, but either way you should ask what does this have to do with me.

God is about relationship, sin is in essence a repudiation of relationship. In Genesis God makes man in his own image. What does the serpent say to Eve? Eat this fruit you will be like God. He is the Father of lies, she is already like God, by sinning she ceases to be like God. What happens when God confronts Adam about eating the fruit, he blames Eve and the whole blame game begins the war between individuals. Man against woman, woman against man, the ego for self and against the other. One need only pick up a newspaper if one doesn’t believe the world is fallen.

A secular reporter for the NY times wrote a few years ago about graduation speeches. How they are all the same and wrong, follow your dreams, achieve what you want. It is the same with advertising ‘just do it’ ‘be all that you can be’ ‘have it your way’.

In today’s Gospel we have a pithy summery of the Christian life ‘God loved the world so much he gave his son’. We were made in the image of God and it is only when we move out side ourselves when we live and give for others do we find real meaning. We were not made to satisfy the ego.

God sought to heal the broken relationship. He dilated himself and sent the Son to the very limits of where we alienated ourselves to bring us back to him. We need to get rid of this bad theology that Christ needed to suffer the wrath of God the Father as if he is a pathological dysfunctional Father, and understand that rather he died for us because of love.”

And here is some Trinity Sunday humor.

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