On the Christians of Iraq and long confessies

Well I just wrote a post and somehow it got lost so that’s the last time I make the mistake of typing directly into the compose box in wordpress. It’s strictly cut and past from now on. I really did know better.
Anyway what I wanted to say was, please pray for the Christians, and others, of Iraq who are being murdered by Islamic theocrats. And contact your politicians and tell them to intervene, here in the US they are at least on paper your representatives, it might make some difference.
My reaction to the situation is rather emotionally driven and not very Christ like, and so, because of that and some other things I wound up going to confession today.
While standing in the line, with ulcer creating levels of anxiety, an anxiety which only grew with each passing moment, I experienced something which occurs occasionally, someone taking an excessive amount of time in the box.
This particular person took 14 minutes. I of course don’t know the situation so I’m not judging, but generally speaking this is an unreasonable amount of time for the sacrament. There are only a couple of scenarios I can think of which can account for this.
Possibility #1, the person does not know the proper way to confess. In this case they are telling the story of what happened. Don’t do this. This is where those little booklets about confession come in helpful, they layout what to say. You need to tell 1. How long it’s been since your last confession. 2. What the sins are (theft for example). 3. With what frequency/how many times. 4. Anything that effects the nature of the sin (stealing a penny from a millionaire if different from stealing food from someone starving) 5. Omit unnecessary details and don’t make excuses (which really would be a form of lying… in confession)
Confession is an opportunity to accuse yourself now and obtaining mercy rather than being accused at your judgment when it is no longer available. Done properly this really shouldn’t take more than a few minutes even if you have many sins.
Possibility #2, the person is trying to combine spiritual direction with confession. Not a bad thing but not good to do when there is a line of people waiting their turn. Schedule time with the priest, if you need to speak in-depth about some issue.
Possibility #3, the penitent has a massive emotional breakdown, like a panic attack or something. This is rare… I think, but likely does happen.
Possibility #4, the penitent has some disability which makes it very hard to communicate.
What this is about is respect for the others waiting their turn. Most cases of people taking 10-20 minutes in the confessional are likely due to numbers 1 and 2 which are perfectly preventable. Or maybe my theories about what causes this phenomenon are all wrong.

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