The Truth Mirror

This past Sunday, in the calendar of the Ordinary form of the Mass, the feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross replaced that of the usual Sunday in ‘Ordinary time’. I wasn’t aware of this and had decided that morning to lookup the readings (using this website ) and pre read them (Ironically I never do this) … the readings given at that website were for the 24th Sunday in Ordinary time.

A short while later I was with my family at the local monastery when Mass began and the priest walked in with red vestments.

My mind raced ‘Red not Green’, ‘a feast… what would take precedence over Sunday this time of the year?.. and red’, ‘have the monks screwed up their classification of feasts?’, ‘It really is Sunday, right?’, ‘What’s today? It’s approximately 12, 13 of September… ah! Holy Cross September 14th’.

I can remember the date of the feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross because it’s the date Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum took effect back in 2007.

Father Joseph Gabriel’s sermon was excellent as far as I could tell. I missed most of it because our three year old was cranky. The general gist, at least what I caught of it, was as follows.

A mirror is something one looks into to see how they are. A mirror of glass and silver is something one looks at to see the physical outward appearance. But there is another mirror, a truth mirror shows one how they really are. (now was the central part of the sermon which I did not really catch, there was talk of ebola, and the plague. Rats of the black death compared to the snakes the Israelites were plagued with, lots of other horrible stuff being a reflection of sin. Sorry I kind of missed a lot.) But the ultimate truth mirror is the cross, which shows our fallen state. In it we see our sin and our state without God. We ought to dare to take time and look into it and change our lives accordingly.

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