Beard Season

While the reason I created this blog was to write about my thoughts on religious matters I have decided to occasionally include posts which are not so directly related to religion. If this trend gets out of hand I may make a separate personal blog …. But probably not, as I view this as leaning towards narcissism. When one starts posting pictures of their breakfast, things have likely gone too far. The thing about blogs I enjoy is the exchange of ideas. Ok, what I’m writing next may seem odd to some who visit here but it’s more of a fun post than something serious.

Where I live it is beard growing season. Many men here start growing a beard this time of year. It was so long before the invention of “noshave November”.

The practice is connected with winter and deer season. ‘Warmth’ ‘Camouflage’ I’m convinced these were just excuses to get around the social pressure to shave. Fortunately beard growing currently seems to be gaining in popularity. I’ve received three compliments on my beard in the past couple of weeks. One from a barber, one from a high up executive at my work, and one from an engineer I work with. I also had a younger guy (early 20s) ask me for beard growing tips. I have only shaved twice in the past year so what’s with the noticeable uptick in beard compliments and talk? While I would like to believe I have an unusually good looking beard, I attribute it to the fact that it is beard growing season in the rural parts of the north east US. The third compliment was specific ‘hey you’ve got your winter beard, looks good’. I am rather happy with it and am considering letting it go wild.

If any men out there want to grow one and need an excuse to give there wife… winters coming 😉

I am probably going to follow up on this with something about “the view of God from a tree stand”

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