Always Winter and Never Christmas

I recently read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe from C. S. Lewis’s chronicles of Narnia to my 6 year old son. I don’t think he was quite ready for it, his attention drifted off quite a bit and I think the level of language was a bit over his head. Anyway as the books themselves go I recommend the series. Read these books to your children. Read them to yourselves (Yes I just encouraged adults to read children’s books). I rather enjoyed the series as a child and have enjoyed rereading them as an adult.

In The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe the character Lucy, after wandering into the land of Narnia through a magic wardrobe, is told about the white witch (who represents Satan) by a creature of that world. “She makes it always winter and never Christmas” is what Lucy is told.

whitw wich

I can’t help but think that Lewis was thinking of the Puritans who outlawed Christmas in England (and America).

christmas outlawed

In the story when Aslan the lion (the Christ figure) arrives in Narnia the winter begins to warm and quickly melts into spring.

On this Christmas Eve let’s consider that our hearts without Christ are an icy and barren place ‘always winter and never Christmas’. Let us welcome him to melt our hearts.

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