Follow up

Well I haven’t been keeping up, I have about a dozen half written posts that I haven’t gotten around to finishing and I feel I need to follow up on the last one.

I am concerned about what seems to me a distortion in the Churches teaching about herself that many Catholics have. It’s particularly concerning when it’s those with a louder voice (such as ‘Catholic’ media). I stand by what I wrote in the last post and there will probably be more of this nature in the future. It is unhealthy and in fact dangerous to the Church to blur the distinction between holy authoritative (in some cases infallible) offices instituted by Christ and the fallible men who hold them. If someone questions the Pope or any other cleric on some non-binding prudential manner they should not be told to shut up. If Pope Francis, tomorrow, says black is white he will be wrong and you are allowed to say so.

That of course doesn’t mean you can ignore and disobey when authority is legitimately exercised.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more soon.

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