The Golden Chain

Have you ever sat through a homily where the homilist gave an insipid and artificial explanation of the Gospel, and thought “there has to be more than that”? Or read something in the Gospel and said “boy I wonder what the great Fathers of the Church would have said about that?”

Well it’s your lucky day, because there is an outstanding resource at your fingertips, after centuries of being hard to access, if you were lucky enough to know it existed, and able to read Latin. What I’m talking about is the Catena Aurea, (Golden Chain) of St. Thomas Aquinas. It is a commentary on the four Gospels. Not by St. Thomas but consisting simply of commentary from the church fathers compiled and arranged by Aquinas to follow the Gospel text.

It’s amazing you can read a text of the Gospel and then see what various early Church Fathers had to say about it.

Baronius press has reprinted the English translation produced by St. John Henry Newman, but it’s rather expensive. Fortunately it’s readily available online.


And with both English and the original Latin here (under Bible commentaries)-

It’s a wonderful tool, so make use. If you preach consult the Fathers. If you hunger for spiritual meat, read.

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