It’s Friday

So, at one point I had posted a thought about the sacrifice of Christ or Christian suffering on Fridays. This only lasted for a couple of weeks because I’m not reliable. I’m thinking about reviving this as a regular weekly post, but rather than relying on myself to produce something insightful, I though I would post something from the saints and church fathers. If you like this idea like this post or let me know in the comments.

We praise you O Christ for by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the World.

“And He came to the place of a skull.’ Some say that Adam died there, and there is buried; and that Jesus in this place where death had reigned, there also set up the trophy. For He went forth bearing the Cross as a trophy over the tyranny of death: and as conquerors do, so He bare upon His shoulders the symbol of victory.”

St. John Chrysostom (Homily 85 on the Gospel of John)

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