Memento Mori. Remember that thou must die.

.Dance 1

It’s fall here in the northern hemisphere, the green things are dying, the trees are losing their leaves and it’s the Halloween season. This is a good time for thinking about the four last things, death, judgment, heaven and hell. For now I am focusing on death.

I have always been uncomfortable with death. Now that I’m a father it bothers me much more than it used to. The thought of my children suffering or dying is nearly unbearable. It’s gotten so that I only pay minimal attention to the news because hearing about bad things happening to children is just too difficult. Parenthood changes your perception.

In our culture (I’m American) death is kept at arm’s length and largely ignored. Nobody wants to talk about it. I’m not sure how healthy that is. It’s good to think of death from time to time and examine your life. We’re all going to die, we can’t get out of it. Death may come suddenly and unexpected or may take us slowly and with suffering. We do not know how or when we will die, but we will. It is best to always live well so that we may die well. You only live once. How have you lived thus far? How are you living now? What would you change? What really matters?

Christ has conquered death of course, but in following after him it is still the gate we must pass through. We must live and die in him, how we spend the time given us matters. Think on it.

If you need to, go to confession!!


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