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Books for Sale

Edit- Prices added. I have a number of books, mostly liturgical in nature, which I have accumulated over the years. I need to get rid of them both because I don’t and am not going to use them and because … Continue reading

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It’s Friday: Salva Me, Sancta Crux

SAVE me, o holy Cross, who art consecrated with the body of Christ and ornamented as if by pearls from this union with his limbs; thou hast been made worthy to carry the price of our salvation and hast held … Continue reading

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A Layman’s introduction to the divine office: part 2

This is largely a follow up of the initial post, on the Divine Office for Laymen, I wrote way, way back during Lent. I feel that the Divine Office is a lost treasure and am trying to present it in as clear … Continue reading

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This Years Tears

For those in the northern hemisphere the tears of St. Laurence will be most visible in the early morning on August the 11th and 12th (after the moon sets at 12ish and 1ish AM on those days) They are supposed to be … Continue reading

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Fr. Jacques Hamel Ora Pro Nobis

 I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held.  –  rev 6:9   Father Jacques Hamel, Pray for us. There are a number of Catholic websites … Continue reading

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