Books for Sale

Edit- Prices added.

I have a number of books, mostly liturgical in nature, which I have accumulated over the years. I need to get rid of them both because I don’t and am not going to use them and because I have an unhealthy tendency to hold onto and become attached to things. I figured I would put them up here for a couple of weeks before going through the trouble of listing them on ebay. If you are interested leave a comment with your email adress (I won’t publish it, and it may take me a day or two to respond) and what your interested in. I can send more pictures and details.B1

  • My Daily Psalm Book; Fr. Frey.   All the psalms arranged to be recited throughout the week (arranged according to the Traditional Roman Breviary). This and or Cantus for the price of shipping.
  • Cantus Liturgici; A small collection of Dominican versions Gregorian chants for Third order members of the Order of Preachers.
  • Holy Week Gregorian Chant:  $8
  • Sunday Vespers: English, Roman Use 1964 with musical settings composed at St. John’s Collegeville. $10
  • Third Millenium Bible: A revision of the KJV. Includes the ‘Apocrypha’!. $18
  • Monastic Diurnal Noted; English chants allowing the singing of the liturgy in the Anglo-Catholic ‘Monastic Diurnal’. $30
  • Graduale Romanum; Roman Graduale, all the Gregorian Chants for the Mass, pre 1920s Solsmes edition in fair/poor condition. $15
  • Breviarium Monasticum, Monastic Breviary, complete but mismatched 2 volume edition (different years).  $135
  • Order of Compline; several copies and one of just Sunday, Includes English and musical notation. $3 each


More likely to be added.

(for some reason wordpress rotated the images and I don’t know how to fix them, sorry about that)


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