Nativity Fast and Why am I doing this?

The Eastern Churches began their pre-nativity fast yesterday, western Advent starts on the 27th. I will be observing a penitential season.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. I have been considering the purpose of this blog and whether it should even exist. The description in the ‘about’ section says “This is a place I have created to put my thoughts on religious subjects into writing.” I’m not so sure this is something I should be doing, and I kind of abandoned it after I wrote this(  ). Why should I publish my thoughts? So, I kind of transitioned into trying to be helpful and informative. I am critical of social media, I tend to think it gives a false illusion of social interaction while actually causing isolation. It also divides people rather than bringing them together, people will tweet all sorts of things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. So I don’t know where this is going. Also I am dealing with some difficulties in the area of faith. …

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