Christ is Born


I have not posted in some time and have been contemplating the purpose of this blog. The future is still not clear to me.

Part of my reasons for not writing have to do with a personal struggle around certain aspects of the faith. To be clear, I am not doubting Christianity. My struggle is related, mainly, to certain ecclesial questions.

All of that said one thing seems clear; this blog was created and has been maintained in the interest of serving truth, which is a person as much as a thing (the incarnation of Truth now being celebrated liturgically). 2017 is the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant revolt. There is a popular mythology, or rather series of mythologies, which exist in the English speaking world concerning the Reformation. Historical truth is of course more complicated and interesting. In 2017 I will be posting a number of things correcting our cultural Textus Receptus concerning the Reformation.

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