Celebrating Fatima?


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Today is the 100 year anniversary of the miracle of the sun at Fatima. This event, witnessed by thousands including hostile skeptics is seen as validation of the apparitions. About a year ago, maybe less, I received a packet in the mail from the local Catholic radio station. Labeled “celebrating Fatima” it contained a commemorative keychain and some other devotional items of the syrupy sentimental sort. This is entirely wrong headed. Just as effeminate spirituality has transferred Jesus from the dread judge of the living, dead and world by fire to a soft inoffensive nice guy; it has transferred Our Lady of Fatima to an object of sentimentality.

Devotion to Fatima has largely been successfully reduced to images of the Lady and three shepherd children. Fatima was a warning. To put it in my own words “pray the Rosary, do penance, make sacrifices, consecrate Russia otherwise the errors of Russia will spread and really bad stuff will happen”. This is serious business and a warning to be headed not celebrated.

These warnings have largely not been headed in my opinion. “The errors of Russia” is usually interpreted as communism. “But we won the cold war” some will object. Ah, but did we? Contemporary western culture is dominated by postmodernism, which as Dr. Jordan Peterson explains is Marxism. Other errors of Russia, daughters of Marx, which many are unaware of, are it’s sexual revolution. Widespread pornography, abortion, easy divorce/temporary marriage, normalized perversion and huge numbers of abandoned children wandering the streets. The resultant social problems in the USSR became so great that the communist party had to completely reverse its policy on sexual “liberation”. Sound familiar?

So those of us who believe in the apparition of Fatima aught to heed it, albeit imperfectly, by praying and making sacrifices. We should also oppose the watering down of the message into a sentimental attachment to the image of OL Fatima. Taken in conjunction with the vision of Pope Leo XIII we might hope, assuming that it was the 20th century which was given to Satan, that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart is coming soon.

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