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The Zombie Bible: part 2

As part two of the “Zombie Bible” post (part 1 here) I had planned on publishing my thoughts on the Revised Standard version. I wrote it up but have since decided that instead of spewing my personal opinion, in all … Continue reading

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The Zombie Bible

It’s the translation that just won’t die. I have occasionally written about bibles and bible translations. Those posts seemed not to generate much interest. But the subject of scripture translation interests me, so I will likely be writing about it … Continue reading

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Infant baptism, why not!

Why should we baptize infants? My initial response to the question is, why not? This post sets out to put forward reasons why infant baptism is reasonable. It will not and cannot be exhaustive. One can easily write large books … Continue reading

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Book Review: two study Bibles

Ok, actually they are more like study New Testaments. My wife and I have been reading through the Bible over the last year. We still have a long way to go but in the process she kept stopping and wanting … Continue reading

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