Year of Our Lord 2017

Well, it looks like we have an exciting year ahead of us. Socio-Political tensions here in the US are torqued to near a breaking point. Pope Francis has refused to clarify the dubia submitted to him, on the now famous ambiguous footnote in Amoris Laetitia, which implys active adultery is not an obstacle to receiving Holy Communion. The prelates who submitted the dubia have said, that if the problem isn’t resolved, they will issue a formal correction of the Pope! We haven’t seen something like this since the middle ages. There are other tensions in the Church as well, here too it is wound to a breaking point.

On the spiritual plane 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the warnings of Our lady of Fatima, the 300th anniversary of the establishment of Freemasonry, and the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Protestantism. I claim no hidden knowledge, but it seems to me that things are ripe for something big and culture shifting to happen.  I pray it be good and not evil. Perhaps we will see both. Kyrie Eleison.

On the subject of the anniversary of Luther’s 95 thesis I will soon begin my series on Protestant mythologies.

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Epiphany – Theophany

Today is the eve of Epiphany (Theophany in the East). This brings the Christmas season to a close.

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Christ is Born


I have not posted in some time and have been contemplating the purpose of this blog. The future is still not clear to me.

Part of my reasons for not writing have to do with a personal struggle around certain aspects of the faith. To be clear, I am not doubting Christianity. My struggle is related, mainly, to certain ecclesial questions.

All of that said one thing seems clear; this blog was created and has been maintained in the interest of serving truth, which is a person as much as a thing (the incarnation of Truth now being celebrated liturgically). 2017 is the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant revolt. There is a popular mythology, or rather series of mythologies, which exist in the English speaking world concerning the Reformation. Historical truth is of course more complicated and interesting. In 2017 I will be posting a number of things correcting our cultural Textus Receptus concerning the Reformation.

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Nativity Fast and Why am I doing this?

The Eastern Churches began their pre-nativity fast yesterday, western Advent starts on the 27th. I will be observing a penitential season.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. I have been considering the purpose of this blog and whether it should even exist. The description in the ‘about’ section says “This is a place I have created to put my thoughts on religious subjects into writing.” I’m not so sure this is something I should be doing, and I kind of abandoned it after I wrote this(  ). Why should I publish my thoughts? So, I kind of transitioned into trying to be helpful and informative. I am critical of social media, I tend to think it gives a false illusion of social interaction while actually causing isolation. It also divides people rather than bringing them together, people will tweet all sorts of things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. So I don’t know where this is going. Also I am dealing with some difficulties in the area of faith. …

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You’ll loose your mind…and your soul

Since it’s October and Halloween is on it’s way…

Younger people are probably most familiar with the British actor Christopher Lee from his roles in Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings films. However earlier in his career Lee was involved with a number of Hammer Films horror movies. Most notably playing Dracula in the 1958 film Horror of Dracula. Being tall and of somewhat dark and distinguished appearance (his mother was an Italian countess) he was perfect for the role. Because of his association with the horror genera  the rumor sprang up that he was involved with the occult. I haven’t been able to find out much concretely but it seems that in actuality he was a believing, if not pious, Catholic or Anglo-Catholic. I came across this clip of him addressing the rumors of his “extensive occult library” and giving a stern warning.


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The Life is in the Blood


It is October and I’m starting off the month by reposting ‘The Life is in The Blood’.

Under the Mantle

What hath Christ to do with Dracula? Possibly more than you think.

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood” Leviticus 17:11

“The blood is the life!” Dracula, Chapter 11

It’s October, and Halloween is right around the corner. So, now is a fitting time for the subject. I’ll admit it, I enjoy vampire stories. Not the new stuff where the vampires are good guys or love interests for middle school girls (these modern romanticized versions are a perversion), but I mean real vampire stories where they are demonic embodiments of corruption. Many cultures have vampire type figures of one sort or another in their folklore. It is the western adaptation, which began in the 19th century, of the eastern European vampire that I’m going to be talking about.

Classic literature of this type would include:

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Happy Michaelmas Day

It is actually the feast of the Archangels, I don’t know exactly why it focuses on St. Michael.

So, with apologies, and requests for intersession to St. Gabriel and St Raphael.

St. Michael Defend us.





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