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It’s Friday: Receive the Sign of the Cross

With the worst kind of death, that is, crucifixion, they long to murder the innocent. For they who hung on the cross, with their hands and feet fixed by nails to the wood, suffered a prolonged death, that their agony … Continue reading

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Infant Baptism, why not? part 2 historical considerations.

I’ve been delayed in finishing part 2 of ‘Infant baptism, why not?’ Sorry. I offer the caveat that I’m an ordinary layman not a patristic scholar. I’ve done my best to not just throw out a handful of quotes from … Continue reading

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Infant baptism, why not!

Why should we baptize infants? My initial response to the question is, why not? This post sets out to put forward reasons why infant baptism is reasonable. It will not and cannot be exhaustive. One can easily write large books … Continue reading

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Baptism is AWEsome

This Divine Mercy Sunday morning my daughter was baptized. I have always believed baptism did something. This in spite of the fact I grew up in the ‘Assemblies of God’ church which holds to an anti-sacramental view. For them baptism … Continue reading

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  I don’t visit the Catholic answers forums very often but over Thanksgiving week I happened there. A protestant fellow had started several threads. I along with others answered some of his questions. It got tiresome quickly, as most of … Continue reading

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