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The Portable Confessional

  My oldest son is preparing for his first confession. Consequently, I have written on this sacrament, and various things related to it, over the last few weeks. Most recently, I have written about the confessional booth. Consider this a … Continue reading

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Repost: This Lent Don’t Be A Wimp

 Lent begins in a week so it’s time to get thinking about it. One thing I would encourage is the practice of actual fasting. Fasting as it is currently practiced by Catholics in the west has become absolutely laughable, two … Continue reading

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Post Lent

I’ve been putting off posting for a few weeks now, I’ve been quite busy. I’ve been wanting to follow up on my pre lent post on not being a wimp and write about my fasting experience. Yeah I know blow not … Continue reading

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This Lent Don’t Be A Wimp

Ash Wednesday is March 5th this year and fast approaching, so it is time, if you havn’t already,  to start thinking about and preparing for lent. In talking with others about what to do during Lent one often hears ‘I’m … Continue reading

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